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Hello everyone!


first post here. Been an avid fan of the sport for a long time.

I setup my softboots to carve hard, and would love to try my hand at hardbooting.

If anyone is planning a trip, or willing to let me try or borrow their gear I would be very grateful for the opportunity!

@Terryw suggested I just post here and see what sticks!

Softboot size 12 so that's a Mondo 29.5/30 , would need Board, bindings and boots.

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Hello @agressivstreetlamp, welcome to the forums and to the dark side!

I should have a board or 2 atleast that you can borrow and/or buy. I do have 2 sets of bindings that I use so if we meet up you are welcome to use a set for the day but I wont be lending them out more than that though. I definitely don't have anything to help for boots though unfortunately. 

What is your home mountain?  Summit I am guessing if you met Terry? I should be doing a day trip there soon, probably on a Sunday, so maybe we can meet up! 

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I’m also in the SoCal area.  I too can offer up some boards and bindings, but no boots.  

Here’s just an idea, if you have stiff soft boots and are hesitant to purchase hardboots at this time we could always put a softboot set up on an alpine board.  However this is not optimum but it would give you a sense of just how   Alpine boards ride and most likely “set the hook”!!  

There are also lots of boots that come up for sale here!  It’s a great place to go shopping!

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