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Donek REV vs Secret - Comparisons?


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I'm curious if anyone has experience with both of these guys. I currently have a 175 REV and I absolutely love it. But that board lives in CO, and am looking for something similar to keep here, in MN. I've been riding a Voyager, and it does great when the snow/groom is good, but just doesn't get the edge-hold when it's icy.

The one odd thing about my REV, is that, after 4-seasons (total of maybe 70 days?), it seems to have lost all of its camber. Or maybe it didn't have that much camber to begin with?

Anyway, just curious if anyone can speak to the dimensions (are these the same as the REV?), camber, and expected performance, of the Secret vs the REV.




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The REVs don't come with as much camber as some other manufacture's...

I've not ridden "The secret" but I do own a board built with "secret" construction. I've owned and ridden many REVs.

It's damp. Not Kessler with a plate damp, which to me can feel nearly dead, but confidence inspiring damp.  More so than any of my other metal boards, other than the aforementioned Kessler setup.

That said when's the last time you sharpened your edges?  Many Donek's come with a west coast 2 degree side bevel... A 3 degree bevel would suit our Midwest conditions.  The REV might have come 3 degree and this might be the difference you are feeling.  Midcoasters and icecoasters need a sharp edge to perform in typical conditions.

I will say REVs tend to eat up our meager vert in a hurry... 

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Thanks for the input, @lonbordin! I have two other Doneks, and all of them have a lot of camber, so I guess I assumed the REV was the same.

I'll see if the shop can put a new, 3-degree edge on the board. Take it from there. Though I still feel like there's something to the sharp, squared-off tail of the REV that keeps it locked-into hard, icy conditions.

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