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Oxygen APX - anyone know this board?


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Help -

my husband just bought a cheap, still new-in-plastic Oxygen APX Slalom (?) Board (158cm, 26-21-26 tip-waist-tail, forgot to measure effective edge, no idea about sidecut). He just wanted a shorter, turnier board to play around with on the easy runs our little girls frequent. His Prior 4WD doesn't seem to be doing too well in crowds...

From what I found through Google and forum searches I believe it's the 2000 model (blue topsheet); the only two reviews I found (in German) basically said "turns nicely, unstable at high speeds"

Does anyone here have any personal experience with it? Just curious...



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My wife has one - allthough only 147cm. It is a really forgiving slalom/all-mountain type board that is ridiculously easy to ride and feels longer than it is. It has no vices that I can discern. Allthough obviously less happy at high speed than a longer board it is still quite rideable and I have even ridden it in 30cm of powder and it showed no tendency to nosedive despite my 85-90kg's!

I bought it for my wife to learn to carve on for which it was perfect. She now prefers the F2 Roadster 162

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Originally posted by Jutta

Help -

Does anyone here have any personal experience with it? Just curious...


I think this is it,

model year is 98/99, price is in old ATS (i think its about 350$),

declaration is Freecarveboard,

My son begin carving with this board and I think its OK, speciali if

price is good,



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Looks like the pic didn't show up below, but there's some info. I have one and it's a nice all mountain board.


New Oxygen APX 158 Alpine Snowboard Reg$399

(Click to Enlarge)

Description (call 603-732-0031 x103 9-4 Eastern for questions)


Oxygen APX 158 Alpine Snowboard

·1 HYPER Carbon Cap construction - 25% better rebound, 15% lighter, 2 times stronger

HYPER CARBON - Ultimate Power, Lightness and Strength HYPER Carbon is the material of the future and it is already being used in satellite and aircraft construction. Exclusively produced for OXYGEN by TORAY – a large Japanese company that is a global leader in the carbon sector, it is the lightest, hardest, and toughest material ever used in snowboards.

·2 Beta technology

·3 No internal stresses during turns

·4 Optimum torsional rigidity for excellent riding performance

·5 Freegliding densolite core

·6 Multiaxial HYPER carbon -prepreg -glass fibre

·7 Sintered base ISO Speed 7500

·8 Microstone base finish

- A stone polished base finish, that creates microscopic channels in the base structure. When electrostatics cause the snow to melt it is transported away from the base while the snowboard glides over the snow. This produces less friction during turns ensuring smoother gliding properties and better drifting when the snowboard is ridden flat over the snow.

·9 Diamond disc edge finish

- A side edge bevel of 2 degree and a 1 degree bevel on the base, cut with diamond discs produce a sharp edge angle of 89 degree that guarantees perfect ice-grip when turning. Moreover, the 1 degree bevel on the base ensures easy drifting and simple turn initiation when the snowboard is lying flat on the snow.


Effective Edge Length (mm): 128, 0

Tip Width (cm): 26, 0

Waist Width (cm): 21, 5

Tail Width (cm): 26, 0

Side Cut Radius (m): 9, 0

Stance Range (cm): 41-49

Stance Offset (cm): 1, 5

Weight Range: 55-90 kg / 121-198 lbs.

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nigelc - thanks, this is exactly the type of "report" I was looking for

bibo - thanks for the pic; I think we ended up with a different model year: the shape/ridges are the same but the color is a darker blue, kind of like the background on this page. The original pricetags read 799 D-Marks and 499 Euros, hence my suspicion of a 2000 model

BobD - thanks for the detailed specs, looks like hubby got exactly what he wanted.

He bought this board "blind" bacause he was absolutely in love with his first alpine board (see pic), trusts the brand and wanted to try another oxygen model.

Thanks again for ALL THE INFO!!



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