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PSA: F2 short rear bail users


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I think every F2 user probably know that over the years F2 has changed the rear bail length. The newer shorter ones fit snugger (?) and are preferred. 

Today, due to complacency on my part, i had some accumulated snow in my rear boot's rear bail receiver cut out. When I clipped in I did my usual test of jump and slam the rear and it was in fine but didn't visually inspect it. Half way down the run I felt a click and my heel bail had disengaged mid carve. 

Luckily it was on a heelside carve, it was my rear foot, the snow conditions were perfect and the turn was not shaky, so I just rode it out with one foot. 

My board is an Oxess 182 ptex titanal with a Vistflex. It must be one of the heaviest boards on the mountain.

Today I'm counting my lucky stars. After that I cleared out the receiver for the bail in the boot and made sure I visually inspected once clipped in to ensure it was fully engaged.

Lesson learnt. 

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