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March 29 + 30 Thoughts?


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Hey All, have an opportunity to ride on March 29 and March 30 in Colorado.  While I ride mostly hardboots nowadays here in New England, I am undecided if I want to ride hardboots or softboots for these 2 days.  My roots are in softboots in the New England back country / side country / trees.  Will be with a softboot friend.  Figuring at least 1 day at A- Basin staying mostly off corduroy.  For off groom I have a Donek Axxess 177 and a Tanker OS 187 I can ride plates on for this if I go hardboots, or if softboots I have a Donek Monoma 175 and the Tanker for softboots.  Think we are pretty set on at least 1 of these 2 days at the Basin.  We have been there before, and loved it.  Also, looks like more terrain open since I was last there, and presumable more/better snow in late March.

But my real question is, where should we ride the 2nd day?  This answer will probably dictate if I bring my hard or soft gear.  One thought was to do KAT rides at Keystone if conditions allow.  Or, do a second day at A Basin.  Or, do a day at Breck/Vail/Keystone (Epic Pass).  Will probably VRBO a condo at Keystone or Breck.

Don't want to go to far West of Denver as we will drive to Denver for Saturday night to catch our 7:00am Sunday flight home.

This will be my first time back to Colorado in years to ride, as the last several years we have been going to Whisper Ridge and Powder Mountain in Utah in softies...


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The biggest contingent of hardbooters near Denver ride at Loveland (mostly on Sundays).

However you can find good softbooting and hardbooting at any of the places you note above. If you are flying with gear from Ct you will probably want to go either soft or hard (but not both) - just to reduce the amount of gear you have to haul. 

Whether you decide to go hard or soft, you probably won't go wrong and we often have the best snow in late March. 


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Thanks JohnE, yeah, my biggest decision is to take my hard or soft gear with me.  Might be a last second decision for me, pending on weather and snow...  I've never been in hardboots out West, so maybe this will be the trip.  If there is plenty of snow off the trails, I can ride my tanker.  And I can whip out the Axxess to carve on some groomers (not that the tanker can't carve too) and still stick with my softbooting friend to go off trail.

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Anyone have any reviews of the Powder Addiction cats that run around Jones Pass by Winter Park, CO?  Might try and get on one March 30th.  Was going to do Keystone Kats, but they said they only run Wednesday and Sundays, which sounded weird to me.  I have 2 days to play in CO, Mar 29 and Mar 30.  Right now have a VRBO at Breck, plan on riding there and/or A-Basin.  But a cat trip would be fun too...  Bring my Tanker 187 and Tanker 200, and hardboots.

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