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Vintage Sims Video

Jack M

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Got nostalgic for this video after coming across a NOS 1987 Sims Ultimate 1700 for sale.  Brought me right back to watching and rewinding this segment of Tom Sims shredding pow in Jackson Hole, over and over when I was a kid.  I could have sworn it was from the movie "This is Snowboarding" - maybe Snow Shredders was a compilation.  I wish more snowboard movies were made this way - with long clips of beautiful powder riding.  I think Sims' arms-up technique was probably necessitated by how terrible the boots and bindings were.  Basically one level up from noboarding.

My best friend had just started snowboarding in 1987 and bought this on VHS.  We watched it dozens of times and it made me ache to learn how to snowboard and ride powder.  I learned the next winter.


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45 minutes ago, Jack Michaud said:

 I could have sworn it was from the movie "This is Snowboarding"

That whole part was from "This is Snowboarding". Same footage and music. I still have the VHS tape.

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