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The Rules

Jack M

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  1. If you successfully sell something here, please consider a donation, and add "sold" to your title.
  2. Transactions here are personal. ASB is not liable or responsible in any way. 
  3. For Sale items must be relevant to snowboarding
  4. New or New Old Stock (NOS) items are allowed
  5. Please search the Want to Buy forum before posting items for sale
  6. Gear older than 2006 must be listed in the Vintage For Sale forum. 
  7. Auctions may not be run here.  Link to eBay/etc is OK within reason. Excessive eBay linking will be moderated.
  8. No Raffles unless for a charitable cause - contact us before starting a raffle
  9. Bumping your post to the top is allowed within reason - suggest at most once a week
  10. Dealer/Vendor sales require a 5% per item sold fee paid by the seller, and you must contact us for a one-time agreement of terms
  11. Tagging your post is recommended.  It will make your thread appear in the sidebar on other threads with the same tags.
  12. Rules of conduct in Carving Central apply

These rules may be amended as needed if situations arise.

We recommend PayPal goods and services, or escrow.com for any transactions where you do not know the other party well enough. 

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