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Mission Statement and The Rules

Jack M

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Welcome!  Here are our guidelines for keeping this place as civil and welcoming as it's always been.  Above all, please conduct yourself as if you will eventually meet the people you are talking to in person - there's a decent chance you will!

Mission Statement:

AlpineSnowboarder.com exists to promote the art and joy of carving a snowboard - that is making clean turns with no skidding, leaving only thin tracks or even trenches behind, in hardboots or softboots.  We recognize that hardboots and alpine boards are the most effective tools for carving at high speed, on the steepest slopes, and on the firmest conditions, but that softboots are very capable of serious carving too.  This is evidenced by the fact that all high level SL/GS racing is done in hardboots.  We welcome all carvers and those soon to be, and we hope you'll give hardboots a try!

This site is non-profit.  Revenue from ads, subscriptions, and products is used to pay for hosting and maintenance.  Revenue beyond expenses is donated to the United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association (USASA) and the United States Snowboard Racing Team (USSRT) for the purposes of supporting youth racing and our national team.  Thank you for your support!

The Rules:

1. Abusive Behavior: Please refrain from personally attacking or otherwise abusing other forum members. Trolling, name-calling, ridiculing, stalking, or other abusive behavior is inappropriate and is not within the spirit of this small friendly community. We trust our Moderators and Admins in their judgement of what's happening, so if you have a problem with someone/something, let them know. Abusive behavior towards members in outside channels such as email or social media, if it comes to our attention, will be considered for sanctions here.  Negative public remarks about members, vendors, buyers, sellers, or companies posted without first trying to resolve the situation privately is considered slander. Use of the laughing emoji in order to ridicule a post or member is prohibited.

2. Staff: The forum administrator and moderators are present to ensure the smooth operation of this community. They do this on a volunteer basis because of their love of alpine snowboarding; please respect their contribution. Remember that they are not here to try to assert authority over anyone. Admins and Moderators are allowed to have opinions, because like you, they love Alpine Snowboarding. 

  • Staff opinions are NOT the official platform of the site.
  • Opinions expressed by members do NOT represent the staff.
  • Just because a post is not deleted does NOT mean it is "endorsed" by AlpineSnowboarder or the staff.  It is impossible for the staff to read every post.  Feel free to report any violations of these rules using the report function.

3. Search.  Got questions about carving?  Great!  We have a wealth of knowledge in this forum, so we highly recommend searching first.  If you're not finding an answer to your question, feel free to post here.

4. Politics/Religion: Purely political or religious threads or posts are prohibited. Any threads that become political or religious will be closely monitored, and tolerated only if the discussion is relevant to snowboarding.

5. Language: Bigoted slurs, excessive profanity, and sexual language will not be tolerated. Images which might be considered provocative or offensive to others must not be posted, referenced, or linked.

6. Accounts: You are only allowed to register one user name and you are not allowed to register with the intent to falsely impersonate someone. Doing so will result in being warned, banned for a period of time, or banned indefinitely.

7. Where's my post? Admins and Moderators reserve the right to hide/move/delete posts and threads as they see fit in order to maintain organization or civility.  If your thread goes missing, check your profile or the Latest Posts sidebar to see if it’s been moved to a more appropriate forum. If the reason for a post modification isn't made clear to you, please feel free to ask one of us privately.

8. Can I delete my thread/post? You may hide your own threads or posts. Hidden content is still visible to staff.  To hide your own thread, click "Moderation actions" at the top of the thread, then click hide.  After that you may get an error message like "We could not locate the item you are trying to view" because the system is trying to redirect you back to that thread, but it is now hidden.  While this is sort of awkward, it's not an error, please don't report it.  To hide your own post within other people's threads, click "Options" on the post, then hide.

As always, thanks for being a part of this community.  We're stoked to be here as much as you are, and we'll do our best to keep it that way.

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