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Head stratos pros size 28/285 pick your option


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A set of stratos pros here for your consideration.  Size 28-285 shell.

setup to receive a set of BTS and any of the Deeluxe compatible spring packs be them the RAB, BTS or whatever other system. If you want my springs see below.

have a fair amount of use on them but as you can see the sticker with the size is still there so there hasn’t been THAT much use. 


Decent condition. Black tongues are in them I probably have the soft orange tongues too. Will ship those if I can find them.


will ship with the stock lean adjusters and the regular heels. And an extra set of toe pads. 

the following options are available

i have a NEW pair tongue style thermo liners, never molded add $50 these liners would be great if you want a softer boot and have a high volume foot. 

Leather ski boot liner, was foamed to me, I have insanely wide feet. Could work you but may not. Free, can’t beat that price. Stiff and will last forever if you can make them work.  

Raichle thermoflex liner, been molded a quite a few times, these were last molded to my AF700s. A little bit stiffer than the more recent thermo liners these are fine if you have a high volume foot as they will mold again but these liners probaly won’t puff up a lot to soak up volume.              Free! Can’t beat that!

Deeluxe thermo liner. These were molded to these boots once, want to keep them, these are softer than the grey thermoflex liners have some wear and smell like me and that’s not a good smell. $50

BTS with blue springs...... I don’t want to let them go, if you HAVE to have them then retail price gets them. 

Want intec? The set that’s on them, $60 a fair amount of use on them. I want to keep them and are priced as such. 

Shipping $20 CONUS will work, outside of that area will be actual cost.

Pics to follow. 

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