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Tips for Banked Slalom and Freestyle Competition


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I know this forum is more about carving in hard boots, but does anyone have advice for a banked slalom and style competition? 

I've never competed before, and the competition seems like an especially odd one. This video from last year shows that you go through a banked slalom course first, then have to hit rails and jumps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ThWHI0WF7Y I think I'll do well in the banked slalom section, but I'm not so sure about the rails part, because I've never actually done rails before. I'm no beginner, I just didn't want to mess up my edges by doing rails, so the closest I've come is when I rode boxes 5 years ago. Now that I ride a new Donek, I figured I could sacrifice my old board to my Ferrous enemies. 

Does anyone have tips as to the technical difficulty level that I should be shooting for? Would 50/50, then 180 off be enough to score decent points? Would they deduct points if I jump back to my normal direction so I don't have to do the turns in switch? How big of spins on jumps should I be aiming for? 

My goal is to beat at least half the competitors. I'm no freestyler, but there's no more bordercross or banked slalom events in Canada this winter, and I'd like to see how it's like to compete in one of those events.

My plan is to practice my rails and spins on Thursday and Friday before the competition that's on Saturday. I'll bring plenty of armour so I'll be ready for all those crashes. 

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