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Surfing snowboard with surfer graphics


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Some people have asked about the board and really want one, but not the girly graphics, so we will do two graphic options. Here are some images of the second option.

Board details: If about 10 people want boards I'll pony up and make a mould. Figure  $500 a board. One size of course as it would be a mould. 155cm, 31.175cm nose, 27.2cm waist, 30.4cm tail, 7mm camber, 31cm nose rocker with 8.4cm total nose kick, 12cm tail rocker, with 1.94cm tail kick. Sandwich construction, longitudinally medium flex with medium to high torsional flex. Rear inserts (rear most insert) 40cm from tail tip. front inserts (back most insert) 89cm from tail tip. 5 rows of inserts, 2cm spacing.

For those wondering, I used to make Riot snowboards (Race, carving and freestyle back in the late 1990's and early 2000's) so I know whats up. I'm NOT getting back into the snowboard business (I have other stuff to do) but since I got some private messages on Facebook about this, I'm just letting people know. This is a one time thing, and board would be as is. Cost about $500 a board would pretty much cover my costs for mould and each board.

Let me know at corran@soulwaterman.com for those interested.



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