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In a word: AWESOME!!!

So much stuff went just right that made today one of the best days I've had on the snow in a long time....

Free from work.  Check

10" fresh pow the previous day/night.  Check

All Norwegians awake and loaded in the cars by 8. Check (God bless jet-lag)

Temperatures below freezing.  Check

Sunny, nearly cloudless skies.  Check.

Awesome terrain. Check

Honestly, so many things came together at just the right time to make today the perfect boarding day, that I wouldn't be surprised if I was suddenly killed by a grizzly bear falling out of the sky.  You know,  just to restore some balance to the universe.  Didn't see any other BOLers, which was the only bummer.

We used Hidden Lake lift as our base and I rode the hell outta Mainline and Whiskey Springs.  Perfect steepness on the top of Mainline given the snow conditions.  It got tracked out pretty well through the day but was still a blast.  Whiskey Springs was also a blast as it got to be a narrower run that at times had me carving almost out to the trees on either side.  Definitely recommended as it gets your pulse up and hones your ability to focus!  Also rode a bit on the Timberline lift with a few trips down Dynamite, Runaway, Squirrely Early and Short Snort.  Great terrain but a sllloooowwwwwww lift.  In Norway our chairlifts pretty much all have a nice safety bar that lowers over one's lap.  Not the timber line lift, and it must have been funny for the locals to see the Norwegians riding up Timberline lift with a white-knuckle grip on the edge of the chair.  

The Coiler NFC just ate up and carved on everything the mountain had to give (granted a soft hero snow day; oh man the snow spraying everywhere was great).  On the steeper floatier pow, over by Timberline, it was  just as playful and reliable as I remember my Super Model being.

Looks like it's gonna snow again tomorrow (and stay cold).  Gotta find something to do on Sunday though... :cool:

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Absolutely enjoyed it and will hopefully be back again.  Great variety of terrain, great snow, and really nice folks. It has a "keeping it real" vibe, and is aimed at maximizing the skiing experience instead of upselling luxury features that I couldn't give a rat's butt about  (ghetto, in a good way, like Loveland in CO).

Went back up on the following sunday to whiteout conditions and had to spend most of the time in the trees just to get some contrast and sense of depth.  There wasn't much carving but it was still a blast.  I met up with a fellow hardbooter and took a couple of runs in an area that felt like it was in the middle of nowhere (Mary's Bowl?) with tons of pow.  

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