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Trac Grabber traction aids


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I bought these last year and finally got to (ok, had to!) use them this morning. https://www.tracgrabber.com 

This is not a paid review. 

Result? Not bad. They don't add 100% more traction, but in the medium-density snow they got my FWD car moving again. They probably added 30% more traction. Enough for me to get out of trouble on flat ground with lots of rocking back and forth. 

As a negative; they sound and feel HORRIBLE. The first time I tried moving I got two loud bangs that had me out to check what was going on. Every time they hit the ground/snow they put an almighty shudder through the car. You really need to turn off your mechanical empathy when using these. 

They're nice to have in your trunk to help. 

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