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1/2 vs 1/3 Tune - How would YOU describe the difference??


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What's your description of the ride difference of a 1/2 vs a 1/3 tune??

I've been riding a 1/2 tune on most of my boards but decided to go with the 1/3 consensus from the "What ya running" poll on my new Coiler EC SS 177 23w

Not sure if comparing two different boards/manufactures is apples to apples,  but both boards are EC design/purpose and a softer flex for my weight,  and sidecut radius, angles, stance  and bindings are the same between the two boards.   Both have great pop out of the tail.

I run a 1/2 tune on my Swoard EC 175 23w and it seems more "carvy/twitchy"....somewhat more cat like reflexes.   More playful ??  

I put a 1/3 on my new Coiler EC 177 23w and it seems less "carvy/twitchy"  but more bullet train like!....As compared to the Swoard I feel I have to make more of a concentrated effort to get it to tip/initiate big turns but then it just throws you down and goes ballistic!  The speed and rail factor are out the roof....on both toe and heel turns!!   

Today was my 1st day out on it and it's way faster than the Swoard....so much so I'm behind coming out of the turns and have to scrub speed before it takes off again!              I wouldn't say less playful.....but Man!  I gotta stay on top of it or it will throw ya to the ground..............which happened twice today!!

Really,  the only differences between the two I can think of is the the Coiler is 2cm longer ........and I'm running  ~ Bias on the Swoard ....and Reverse ~ Bias on the Coiler......both at 55/50 

Is this "bullet train"  ride quality somewhat characteristic of a 1/3 tune?? 

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