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Head Stratos Pro: these boots are MP 29-29.5. I bought these boots brand new in 2007. They were too big for me but I still used them for one season. One buckle on the left boot is broke. Boots will be fully functional with a new ankle buckle. $150 shipped.

Raichle 124: shell size 295 mm. To the best of my knowledge this is a MP 27.0. Come with original thermoflex liners. These boots are used but have plenty of life left in them. $175 shipped.

Dalbello Krypton Pro: size 27.5. Used hard for 4 seasons. Still fully functional and the flex has only just gotten really good for alpine snowboarding. This is a STIFF boot. Comes with original Intuition liners, only molded once but starting to wear out near the toe box. These boots were too small for me, but I wore them for 4 seasons. $200 Shipped.

UPZ liners: these liners are MP 28-28.5. They were used for 5 days of riding. UPZ sign still on the footbeds. $75 Shipped.



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The boot soles show some wear but have plenty of life left. In my post I forgot one thing, the toe box on each boot was bubbled slightly to increase room, something I could barely notice. This was done by Surefoot. But, as I said these boots were too small in the first place. You can notice this if you look closely. I can post pics if you would like. Otherwise, absolutely no modifications were done that would affect the use of this boot in a ski binding.

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