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Prior WCRM 169


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Bought this board in Feburary of the 2011-2012 season. Specs are 169cm x 19cm SCR 11m asking 400$

A piece of Die cast fell off and I repaired it using Hysol 11 + red P-tex instead of white. Would need a base grind to make it perfectly flush.

As a severe lift line rash at the lower right corner. A 4 year old kid lost balance and his ski went trough the top sheet like a katana right to the sidewall material. My blood was boiling but what can you do ? he's only 4 years old....right...only 4...still...:angryfire Rode the board with a layer of DP-100 over it to present water infiltration. Took if off for the picture.

Ew looking at the close up seems like the base of my fridge needs a clean up :p

Pictures will follow having a hard time uploading them.

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Respect for a four year old on skis with edges so sharp to slice your board, I would have asked who tunes his skis. :D

How would this work for someone around 160lbs (72 kg)? Thanks, Kipp

Never though about that ! His dad was a maniac :eek:

Prior weight range for that board is 160-200. I'm in the 170-180 range and the flex seems good. Wasn't on the stiff side, but it sure wasn't soft. Do not know enought about board flex to give a good impression.

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