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2014 Coiler 161 SL For Sale


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Selling a ONCE used 2014 Coiler 161 Slalom with black P-tex top-sheet.

20 waist with the VSR Sl sidecut, its probably averages out to be a 9.5scr.

Built for a 150-175lbs rider

Coiler specs: T 161 SL 14 AJ - 6.8+10

This board was built for my step son last March, used once at Nationals and hasn't left the house since. Freshly tuned from the Speed Factory in Campton, N.H. The base is flawless and the top-sheet barely has any signs that bindings were ever mounted onto the board. There is nothing wrong with the board, His coach advised him to use something else for this year. It would be great for a junior racer or a heavier recreational carver.

$600 shipped in the US, I'll split shipping to CANADA .post-1557-141842412689_thumb.jpeg



Edited by MR. JOHN DEERE !
this puppy needs a good home !!
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Yes I do.

Not to be pushy, but could you make a decision by 9am Pac-Time today ?

I am getting on a plane heading out to US Nationals this afternoon. I had made plans to put it in the BOMBER Demo/Sale tent at the bottom of the mountain for the week. I would prefer not having to bring it out there. Let me know, I can do paypal, and the wife can ship it out UPS, once the money clears. Its a smoking deal !!

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I can ship it out when I return home on Saturday, I was eating the freight anyways.

I ended up staying in a different section of copper, me getting the board over to the bomber tent is allot harder than I anticipated. So if your ok with me shipping it out Saturday, let's wrap this up.

If you have paypal, let me know.

Send me a pm to my johndeere0321@hotmail.com email.



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