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Coda Skwal 185 / 10 M SC


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Well it took awhile to get on this creation from Chad at Coda Custom Boards, and I'll admit the first day was a bit sketchy. After riding a 2nd hand Virus Undertaker for a couple of seasons, a 14 cm wide deck didn't seem so intimidating. Chad's description of this board on his website is accurate, and as a slalom water skier I got that. What I wanted was something to make my 850' local hill more instresting, I got that too!

What I didn't get initially was that this is a ski, it's build up, shovel, sidecut and dead center binding stance which is considerably narrower that my typical 19 1/2" stance. Once I started riding like a ski, the smooth carved turns, edgehold, and pushpile blasting features came to life, definately having the fun I had hoped for. Just prepare for many breaks in the action to explain exactly what this is.

It has me wondering though, would a skier, starting out on this, have a shorter learning curve, (without the caught edge head spanks) than the we we all learned to snowboard?

PSA: The Bomber BP baseplates have worked perfectly, without the concern I had for surface damage using the skwal bases. Thanks Fin for the suggestion!

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If the guy can water ski, then he must be able to skwal.  Sounds like a fine idea to me.  Making him learn on low angles could just mess him up.  I've been riding my custom light flex 177cm, 9.5m radius Coda quite a bit lately and it rips!  It only makes tight turns at medium speeds, but I couldn't have asked for more fun at a reasonable price.

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