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Help choosing new boots.


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Hi, I have been riding alpine boards for about ten years. I have saved enough money to buy my first pair of new boots but am totally confused as to what would be appropriate for me.

I am in my mid sixty's, 150 Lbs and 5'8". I ride a couple times a week for about 4 hours at a pop. My boards are a Nidecker proto II all mountain and a Donak Frecarve, both 167. My bindings are TD II's.

The boots I am presently using are Burton Reactors that I bought used. I am looking for the most comfortable boot I can find. I live in W. Mass. and would go north if I knew where to find the right boot. I could also shop online for boots because I have a very average size foot, 9 1/2.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.


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You have 3.5 basic options regarding boots:

Deeluxe symmetrical shell (Track 225, Track 325, Free 69). These are somewhat narrow in the toe, and many people find them a bit wide around the heel.

Deeluxe asymmetrical shell (Track 700). Different feel, some like it, some don't. Less narrow in the toe, a bit less wide around the heel.

UPZ: These come in different stiffnesses (ATB: very soft; RC8: medium, RC10: medium to stiff, depending on setup). The fit is the same for all - wide toebox, narrow heel.

You may also still find some NOS Head Stratos, which are somewhere in between Deeluxe and UPZ.

I have no idea where you might be able to try hardboots, but it will be well worth the effort. If you ask me, your boots are the most crucial part of your equipment.

How do you find the Reactors for fit? Maybe someone with Reactor experience can chime in?

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I would call Bomber and ask if they are bringing Demo Boots to ECES. I think BEAST has some Alpine Demo Gear (but not sure about boots)?

No shops on the East Coast to my knowledge, any longer stock Alpine Snowboard Boots unfortunately. Your best option may be to order every brand you can in your size, try them on for fit & feel, keep the ones that fit best and return the others (of coarse I'd recommend asking / mentioning that to the seller before purchasing).

Other than that, come to ECES and ask to try on other riders boots for general fit.

I'm in a 27.5 Head Stratos, you'd be welcome to try them on, but not sure IF you'd find any new Heads in 27.5 around ?

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Like jp1 wrote, check out ECES for demos. My boots (technically Joerg's boots) are in up-state NY right now for the Pureboarding event at Labrador and Toggenburg this weekend. They are Raichle (Deelux) 324s in 25.5 to 30.5. I expect Steph will have the Deelux demos at Stratton for ECES. I also have a pair of HSPs w/BTS in 27/27.5 in my office you are welcome to check out as well as my UPZ RC-10s in the 287mm shell. Follow Pureboarding link in my sig. and give a call if you'd like to chat.

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