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Rain-X for base?


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I was browsing for replacement wiper blades for my car and somehow lead to Rain-X wikipedia.

Here is a paragraph from the wiki..

Ski and snowboard enthusiasts use Rain-X as "wax" to effectively overcome sticky wet snow common in spring conditions. While skiing or riding on mountains with hard snow pack, the heat of the sun changes snow conditions starting on the lower slopes. Skis may suddenly slow down, throwing one off-balance, because of a change in surface tension, a sort of "sandpaper effect." Rain-X is applied to the ski or board base, or to the bottoms of ski boots to reduce, or eliminate snow "wedges" that interfere with proper mounting into ski bindings.[15]

Has anyone used it on base? Here in mid Atlantic area, resorts make snow whenever possible. If snow guns blasts daytime and temp. goes up, the snow underneath of guns grab board like crazy causing a nose dive sometime. If this can eliminate the sudden slow down, I would like to try. Any thought?

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