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Mammoth 2/21-2/23


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Lance, as much as I'd like to go to June, I don't think my Mountain Collective pass is good there (I need to verify). Plus I may be going up with a ski club with lodging and tour bus ride as part of the package deal so I won't be all that mobile, or sober. If you wanted to pick up the board in Mammoth or in LA, you are welcome to do that.

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Conditions are awesome. The snow held up nicely, lots f edge hold, decent speed and no clumps in the afternoon. Rode a BIG carving board for the whole day. We carved up stump alley pretty good. There was no need to go elsewhere since the lift line wasn't bad and we had a gallery carving under the chair. After 20k ft of vertical, it's time to enjoy a beer.

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Cool deal Lance! Glad to hear you are on the HB set-up again. Thanks for the info on conditions. Will be heading up with the whole family next week.

FYI - I have a new oven to bake liners if you ever want to mold your thermoflex liners let me know.

Have fun and leave some ruts for me tomorrow. Thanks! Tom

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