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Looking for the "Quebec Experience"


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First of all, I apologize for not being able to converse in the language common in this ride board.

My family of plate riders is looking to spend 3 days at a hill in Quebec a couple of weekends from now.

We have done the Tremblant thing many times, but want to experience a more "local feel" than an "Intrawest feel".

....so we are looking for suggestions on what hills would be the recommendation....from the riders who really know.

1) first and foremost - nice (intermediate) carving runs - groomed, not too narrow, and preferably without a sea of skier "pylons".

2) something closer to Ottawa, since we are picking up our son at school in Ottawa on the way, and it's only a weekend. I love le Relais, (awesome runs, awesome folks/riders), but it's a bit far.

3) it does not have to be huge - I'm from Ontario after all!

4) if there are fellow bomber's there as well, ........well that would be just the icing on the cake.

so looking for suggestions on a hill, and maybe a local place to stay (and for that matter any "hidden gem" eateries in the locale) ....would be greatly appreciated.

I hope this call for suggestions is in the spirit of the ride board, if not, may Fin have mercy on me :).



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Hi Norm,

You should consider Mont-Blanc. It's not too far from Tremblant. I also love Le Relais and Mont-Blanc is in the same family. There's a pretty big carving community there. A bunch of freecarvers, extreme carvers and a race team. On a good day, there's over 20-25 hardbooters on the hill.

Can't help you too much for restaurants and lodging since we rent a place for the whole winter and eat home.


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Mt St Marie was always a favorite with our family. They have two high speed quads. Good grooming an some nice variety in their runs. We skied and boarded there one day on our way to Tremblant. Leave early get to Marie ski the afternoon than drive to Tremblant. There are Limited accomodations at Mt. St. Marie.

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