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Are You writing about Deeluxe boots?

If Yes, please add "Deeluxe" to thread title, thanks.

I visited my country supplier of Deeluxe last week to get some paper/written informations.

Only the Deeluxe standard liner Performance Liner comming with boots supplies with such a heel harness.

They said to me, this harness binds the liner (I remember me to SB-121), secures the ankles in right place and protect them too.

Well, now-a-days Deeluxe liners are no more that heavy-duty and expensive-to-seam Raichle HPD liners (red, or blue color ones) like we know them from earlier Years. Around me no stores did sell anymore Deeluxe hardboots with standard liners the last Years. The newer Deeluxe liners (Made in China) are of bad reputation.

Deeluxe was forced to find a patch for known problems.

So I think Deeluxe of Kufstein (Austria), try now to get/hold back heels in the boots, but customer back to Deeluxe too.

Myself I sold one of my last NOS & orginal Raichle HPD liners to another carver and he was very happy of that "new" and perfect heel retention he got with that "old" type of liner.

Heel Harness like this new type from Deeluxe we can find in Burton softboots since Years too. The Burton heel harness are fixed on outer boot.

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