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I scored my first pair of Snowpros off ebay. It was used and didn't come with any hardware - no mounting screws, no shims, no washers. I can run to the neighbourhood hardware store for some M6 (correct me if I'm wrong) screws, and I probably wouldn't require more than the built-in lift and cant. But what about the washers? What kind will I need? This thread http://www.bomberonline.com/VBulletin/showthread.php?27444-snowpro-bindings-screws mentions conical washers - are they available off the shelf?

Also, the large bolt used to adjust the toe-piece distance from the center of the binding has a head with grooves that are quite worn out. Is this bolt user-replaceable?

I thought about just getting the hardware from Dan Yoja's site but it doesn't look like it's for sale separately.

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Well I'm not using the washers on the 4x4.

I can't see the adjusting bolt being replaceable. Isn't there an external hex as well.

If it's philips looking on those it's probably pozi drive. I've seen ski binding screws workout by

Regular Philips work quite well with a proper pozi drive screw driver.

Don't adjust for boot length with boot in binding. adjust first then try the boot.

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You can go and find some screws at a snowboard shop then you don't have to worry about the wrong thread

I don't have any washers on my snow pros so you should be fine(but the screws on mine are pretty wide and flat on the top so if they are not like that I would get the washers for sure). And yeah they are easy to find at a hardware store.

You should be able to turn the bolt with a wrench, I can almost do it with my fingers.

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