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FS: Raichle 123 Hardboots 25.5 mp $75


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Broken leg/Garage sale:

Raichle 123 (3 buckle + power strap) boots SIZE 25.5 sole length 277mm with Dee luxe liners (believe it or not everyone: I kept the Raichle liners when I upgraded to the same size Dee Luxes). Very little wear on the soles as I had step-ins in them. They took runs to the race course, down the race course, then to the bar for ski school races. Then they have been relaxing in my garage.

How does $75 sound, with the option of $20 for CAT bindings? (also listed with the other boots)

Charlie 970-333-0210




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Hey Charlie,

Talked to you this morning. Glad the switchboard was busy! Email me and let me know how to pay. Starting a newbee and these look perfect. Heal fast!


Great Pic. need a board and bindings? I think I have a F2 free carve set up sandwiched in the race boards?heehee.

ANyway I will find a box and get a quote on shipping Wednesday AM after trashday and elevating leg. I will text you and then we can set up Paypal or whatever works.


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