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heading there for the weekend; done a couple mtb dh races there, but never been on the mountain with snow. anyone have any good intel? best carving runs (since it doesn't look like it's going to snow this week), coffee, fooderies, etc? trying to optimize my time there. cheers!

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I grew up there, since it was Tod Mountain (still is on that I guess). The cinnamon buns in the main daylodge are pretty damn good. Eat less at lunch and save room, they are pretty big. I haven't explored the village much in recent years for food suggestions.

The best carving runs are probably on the Sundance Chair (far right hand) in the morning (everything is basically blue and groomed and super wide), and the blue runs (Blazer, Cruiser, Exhibition--watch out for the cat track 2/3 way down, it can send you flying) off of the main bubble lift in the afternoon. It's a pretty long cat track to get to them though, but if the snow is set up enough, shouldn't be a big deal. Cariboo is black, sometimes groomed and would be pretty epic if it is. Avoid the Mt. Morrisey side until you talk to some locals about snow conditions. It can get pretty rocky over there and it's a pain to get back and forth from.

It's a pretty amazing hill. Take a softie setup too and explore the backside t-bar, Headwalls, and the crazy tree runs which you won't find without some local intel--maybe some 8 year olds. You gotta do 5-mile top to bottom at least once without stopping. It's flat as hell, but a good bit of exercise at the end of the day.

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