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Donek rev 185


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For sale. Donek Rev 185 with UPM inserts. New this November. Black Carbonium topsheet. Rated stiff. Good with or without a plate. I used the new Donek FPlate on this. 10-12 full days on this board. It has a nice stonegrind from BestTunes Bethel Maine. I put a one degree base and three degree side bevel on it. Right now its in mint condition (other than plate marks) and one little scuff on the rear topsheet edge from loading the lift but in otherwise great condition and ready to go. I waxed with Swix base prep and a few coats of CH7 with a final coat of CH6 and buffed. This board is super fast and has lots of horsepower. $850.00 plus shipping.




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Do you ever get up to Sugarloaf? I'm getting back into hardbooting after 20+ years on softies. I've got some Deeluxe Indys, a set of TD3s and now need a freecarve board. I'm 6'1", 225+ lbs. Do you think your 185 Rev is out of my league? Any chance I could "ride before I buy"? I'm at the Loaf every weekend (wife works there) and could meet you if you're up for it. I ride a Never Summer Raptor 164, so the length of your Rev has me concerned that I could handle it. Though I've heard that the modern boards "ride shorter".

Thanks, Shawn

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