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171 Kessler black top FOR SALE


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Selling a 2012 Kessler 171 black top. It was bought at the end of last season from Bomber's demo fleet. Our rider used it for 1/2 a day just recently, and we felt he would be better suited on something else.

The family is into it for $900, and they're looking to recoup that.

In perfect working condition, minor scratches on the topsheet, new base grind over the summer. The edges are set at .87 side wall and .89 base. Serial # 100058110. READY TO RIP for a lighter racer or free carver !!!post-1557-141842379832_thumb.jpg




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5'-7" 165lbs, 15 year old $hit brick house.

I would say the weight range for this board is in the 145-175lb range, it wasn't a weight issue. The rider is only in his second alpine season, and wasn't ready for it. By the time he would be ready, he'll be maxed out on it weight wise. He rode it really well, but couldn't figure out how to get in and out of his turns at the tempo needed, to have a good line in a GS set. If I wasn't such a fat $lob, I would have kept it for a free ride deck. We put him on a Coiler Chubby and Bruce is sending him a Slalom deck today. A little more forgiving.

How light was your rider?


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