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To much for a noob?


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Over the past few years I have gathered up everything for an alpine board. I was just wondering if this might be the wrong setup for a newbie.

The board is a Nitro GTR 163 Wide (not sure on year 99-00?)

Bindings are Snowpro Race

Boots are Burton Reactors (no clue on year) purple w/ grey buckles.

I have been riding for 15 plus years on soft boots and am trying to make the jump to hard boots. I had some serious injuries that have left me a little lacking in some areas (bad knees and a paralyzed ankle). So I figured I might try to do the hard boot side.

Any input would be greatly appriciated.

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If you're OK with the physical limitations on your soft stuff, then you should be fine in the hardboots. Why not take the equipment with you, warm up on the soft, then start on the beginner slope in the hardboots, loosely bucked. If it feels good/you want more control tighten down the boots. You should be able to ride at 45/40 angles or so with that board, so it's not a huge jump to make.

The physical limitations from your past injuries are what concerns me more than anything else, but again if you're OK in softies, then you're good to go.

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I'd say it's a good setup, very similar to what I ride (2000 Nitro 166 narrow, 1997 Burton Performance plates and 1997 Burton Furnace boots). If the board is yellow and black, it is a 99-00. The boots are probably a 1997 model.

The board has a good medium flex and the boots are good if they fit your feet. I never tried those bindings, but they are good from what I read.

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Here is a pic of the Nitro

<img src='http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2004-12/911933/PC150025.JPG' width=409 height=896 >

The hard boots seem to help with the physical limitation. Healside turns with the softboots are pretty tough when there is no lift in the foot.

As far as the boots fitting, they seem perfect, went through all of the fitting of the shell and the liner. Only thing there is probably getting some superfeet customs made.

Thanks for the help,


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