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Heading to Moutnain Creek Monday. Anyone interested in a ride? From Middletown NY


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I heading to Mountain Creek for early season carving, anyone interested in meeting up on Monday (New Years Eve)?

Heading over from Middletown NY, happy to pickup some people on the way.

I have some loaner gear if anyone is interested also.


(10.5-11) FX1 Race (old boots)

(9.5-10) Burton Fire (old boots)


Alp 5.9

UltraPrime Asym (Regular)

I will also be at Mountain Creek on Friday 1/4/13

Ping me at:

me <at> markgrob <dot> com

Happy Carving,

-Mark Grob</dot></at>

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Hey Mark,

It was great riding with you and Joe (cafercr) today. Its nice to ride with guys who can drive good lines. It got a little crowded at the end but the snow was almost perfect for carving. I will be riding again during this week in the evenings and possibly tomorrow morning. I'm sure we will hook up again.


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Thanks Jt,

Nice finally meetup for a few runs. You really need to get back to the hard boots. :-)

Pretty bummed my Gopro died out after about 5 minutes... so none of your sweet carves or CaferCr35's runs were recorded. :-(

Another reason to meetup again.

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