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Kessler KST 185 GS for Hangl only


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Meet Kessler KST 185.

At over four years of age she's still a puppy -- a HIGH-ENERGY puppy. She's a strong and stable girl who has had limited training runs. Which is sad. She deserves so much more than her recent experience has provided - almost three years coated in wax, stuck in a basement, never taken outside, 'board' and lonely. Fortunately she has never lived in a home where any young child took great pleasure in throwing rocks at her. She's close to a pure breed with her looks with a graceful curve to her back but, not being a newborn, her upper coat has a few cosmetic specks.

So long as she is taken out with the right collar, a Hangle, she'll thrive in almost any situation as one of the family's valued members where the focus will be on helping her become the best board she can be, in a large home with no kids. Kessler has two speeds, FAST and GET THE HECK OUT OF MY WAY. She will not need a traditional fenced yard but will thrive with a patient owner with large to giant-breed-experience... Please note again that Kessler requires a Hangle collar for any outdoor activities which does not come with her.

More about Kessler

-Spayed/Neutered: Definitely not

-Up-to-date with routine shots of wax: Yes

-House trained: No

-Prefers a home without: Young children

-Primary color: Two color (Black & Silver)

Original, and less humorous, post: I'm selling my Kessler 185 that is for Hangle only. $200 plus shipping. I have not ridden it as I went down the Vist road instead and just need to stop holding on to it. It has spent all that time with a coat of wax on it on a rack in the basement. I live in Boston so if you are interested and somewhat local I can probably meet you somewhere reasonably close. Plates are not included.



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