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SBX Boots, Bindings and Board


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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to increase the carving world in my area, but one gets away every now and then. Have someone looking for an SBX setup (boots, bindings, board, powerplates/lifters). Please reply if you have items available. 190lbs 6' tall rider, size 9.5 to 10 feet. Thanks in advance for the help. Also, SO Cal carvers, Mtn. High rocks right now for carving!!!! :D


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2 TBX team boards with extra titanal enforcements. Race ready, 165cm. Board shown mounted and number 5 board in background with SWIX custom sleeve. Discontinued for SC jib marketing focus.

specs 165cm with 9,8 scr (the winningest FIS SBX on world cup prior to kessler era including F2 and Palmer snowboards in the EU)

29,2/24,63/29,2 with tinkler custom board for this exact model. This board cuts arc for aggressive but correct riding, mechanics with extra titanal. Not factory construction. Not cap construction. Large c turning small c turning.

Waist is larger, but your gravity is higher for your friend. No palmer power disc needed, unless you need them. He will have plenty of clearance to offset his feet. This board was the expensive game changer before the kesslers.

Includes possible MULTIPLE board discs (burton/4,4 combi), hardware (so you don't pester catek for extra parts), extra heel cups, SWIX bag in photo, Awesome tinkler custom for this model). I sold over 6 boards years ago. Nothing separated...even the nidecker Pro carbon high backs, and burton straps/ratchets to replace in any shop/country that holds events..

5,5 hours to MMSA or 4,5 hours to Bishop from so cal traffic. Cash USD,Euro note, PayPal in person.

PM sent.



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Still looking for SBX board/bindings?

I have a 2012 F2 Eliminator WC and a set of Nidecker 900's (wtih tons of parts) that I'm probably going to sell here soon. The bindings are definitely for sale, but I'm hummig and hawing about the board.

PM me and we can talk.


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