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FS: Track 700 Shells, 29 MP

Ian M

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Hi all,

These Track 700s were one size too big for me, so I have replaced them. Sadly the original liners were destroyed by my local ski shop, so I'll list them 'shells only'. You can choose what liner to put in 'em! They're the 2008 model, and show normal wear and tear including contact marks from regular TD3s. Most of the time I rode BTS on them, and have been advised that the non-canting pivot can wear and fail, so a replacement pivot kit for both boots is included.

Asking $200 shipped in Can/USA. If you'd like to make a lower offer, explain why in the form of a haiku and we may be able to work something out :D.





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Thank you for the responses, guys, and good job on the Haikus! Sorry for the late reply but I was out snowboarding.

I have a PM'd bid for $175 shipped to the US. Would anyone like to offer the asking price or closer before Friday? If so, they'll be yours :) Otherwise, they will go to the anonymous bidder.

I'd offer a $150 for shells shipped to Boston.

That's all i can offer, once i haven't sold mine MP30 boots, as i wanna go once size smaller.

Thank you TLN, but I have already received a messaged bid for $175.

Ian whats you actual foot size? 11 here. Presently have Raichle 29.5 with Scarpa liner wonder if i can reduce that to 29 ?

My foot size (according to shoe companies) varies widely. I'd stick with MP sizing, as it reflects your measured foot size.

As I understand it, shell sizes only change in full size increments, so the only difference between a 29.5 and a 29.0 is a thinner liner in the 29.5. These shells will fit feet from 29.0-29.9, using different liners. Your Raichle 29 shell is likely the same sole length as these 29's, don't you think?

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