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I think I have two more pairs of RAB's that are just waiting for a new home. Free to anyone else who might need them. Just pay shipping from Utah. Awww, heck-fire, I'll pay the shipping, just give me your snail-mail address and you'll hav'em in the mail quicker than a bunny...


That's COOL, it's my 666th post! Reminds me of my MIL. Without the horns, cloven hooves, and snarling drooling mouth! We shave her back once a month and feed her entrails of roadkill when she visits. 666, the number that reminds me of my MIL.

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Sorry, sorry. What I have are not RAB's. I didn't think before I typed. What I have are the stock metal walk/ride mode thingy's that come with Raichle boots. Apology all-around for this misunderstanding. A quick perusal of thecarversalmanac.com helped me discover (to my horror) my mistake.


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