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WTB -- Board, Bindings, Boots (Beginner Setup)


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Hi all,

Brand new to hardbooting, and would love to put together a setup to get started with but that I wouldn't grow out of immediately, also if it didn't bankrupt me that would be great as well.

I've only been snowboarding for 3 years but love carving on any run I can hold an edge to. Lately I've been feeling on some of the steeper and faster runs my board/bindings/boots (Burton Custom 158/cartels/Ions) can't hold a carve, and any time I see any of the few hardbooters around here I start drooling over the lines they're putting down.

So that's the back story.

After going through the boot sizing tutorial I'm measuring that I would be a 26 shell with a 26.5 liner (left foot=26.5cm right foot=26.7)

I really like the idea of step in bindings as I'm sick of having to strap in every time off the lift. But not sure if there's something better about the standard bindings that I'm missing and would end up kicking myself over later.

I weigh 172 +/- 2 lbs and stand 5'10" and I'm really confused about appropriate board lengths. I've seen some in the classifieds that are just as short as what I'm riding now, all the way up to giants over 200.

Any help, advice, or directions would be greatly appreciated!


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I have a Rosignal 156 Race VAS board. Base and topsheet are in good shape except there is a small ding in the sidewall. I sold this board here on Bomber for $75. The person that bought it said they were dissapointed in the board, they wanted one that had been freshly tuned, freshly waxed and in perfect condition. Yes for $75. I didnt want to ruin my name on Bomber, so I offered to refund her money, if she sent it back. She did and when I pulled it out of the box (after I refunded the money) I found that she had cross threaded one of the inserts. Now I have a board that I just want gone and I will sell cheap. $50 plus shipping.




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I could set you up with an old Rossi 159 SL board in VG shape. Size 26 124 Raichles. I have the same size foot at 26.7. Boots were a little on the tight side but fit. You could always get a bigger liner if you needed too as the shells take up to 26.5. Step in heels. Raichle X-bone stepin bindings for $250 + shipping. It is a fun little carver that is great to learn on and will turn tight carves. Very easy to manuver through crowds/catwalks etc. I'm waiting on some pieces to fix the cant adjuster on the boots but they just shipped out yesterday from Bomber.

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Thanks for the two replies. I was really looking forward to the new snowboarding but just found out I'll be returning to school in the fall and won't have any spare money to spend anymore. :smashfrea

Thanks again for your time sorry I can't buy anything, hopefully I'll be back in a couple years to try again.

I will delete this thread in a few days.

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At $250 I could almost still afford it and school as well so that's a really tempting offer!

I'm not going to have a good idea of my financial situation for at least a week or two. I wouldn't want you to not sell to someone else if you had the opportunity, but if it's ok I may contact you again as soon I get a better idea of what I can or can't spend to see if you still had the board laying around.

Again I appreciate the offers and I'm really impressed with how cool people are on this forum.

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