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  1. Derek53

    Burton 4x4 discs

    Hi Joe, Are these still available? Would they work with the old Burton rat traps?
  2. Hello. PM me I am interested in this board.
  3. The boot in soles are tore up a bit but they are size 11 and the helmet and pads are large. As for price I am flexible but maybe $185 plus shipping.
  4. If you need a board I have one that i am looking to get rid of. It comes with everything you need including helmet, knee pads, wrist pads, elbow pads, and boots and bindings.
  5. Derek53


    I also have a 4x4 mounted Burton its not asym so would this work for that?
  6. Derek53


    BlueB would your new binding work on my board if so are you willing to sell one?
  7. Derek53


    Has anyone tried to convert an alpine board into a monoski? Just wonderig if it is possible to do with my Burton Asym. Always wanted to try so might as well ask here.
  8. I just recently bought a board and went out a few times. I thought it was ok but i fell a couple times and it hurt. It is also very hard to stay balanced i thought.
  9. Thinking about getting in to it but don't know too much about. Just wondering if anyone on here does it?
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