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Hemel Hempstead, UK


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This from my 1st hour with a camera inside Hemel Hempstead's fridge.

There used to be a plastic slope here, but they built a fridge a couple of years ago and this is what it's like. It's a bit tedious to ride so an hour's about as much as you can take. This is about as quiet as it gets there - I picked the time of the week specially for that. Most people go here to learn to ride.

I was playing for the first time with the r3 mode of the GoPro, which is less deep than r4, plus I had a new pole. The pole worked ok, but the lack of depth means you need to have it at full length (130-135cm) to get the whole rider * board in. This is the first GoPro stuff I've done on hardpack, and it works a little differently from powder - I need to hold the pole up higher I think.

Otherwise, I guess you can see it's hard to get up to cruising speed on a 160m slope full of people who think you're scary, hence it's small turns and not much cross slope stuff. The Kessler's way faster than anyone else so mostly there's no threat from behind, although there's one cross-slope check in the video as you need to look where you're going.


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