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USASA Founder Chuck Allen - Passed Away 2.14.11


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Chuck was the driving force behind competitive snowboarding in the USA. we all owe him debt of gratitude for what he has done for the sport. USASA is his legacy, and the scholarship fund helps athletes meet educational and training expenses. Please consider making a donation in his memory. USASA Massachusetts Series (AKA Ridemass) will be donating the proceeds from Sunday's Boardercross to the fund that Chuck thought was so important.

Will you donate too?



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Thanks for posting NCERMAK!!!! I am sure Chuck's family will appreciate the thoughts and donations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck was such a wonderful man! He did so much for the snowboarding (and surfing) community (lets not forget the alpine aspect)!!! I worked for him back in the mid 90's on the board and I will never forget each weekend counting every single entry and then counting every single item in the give-away (SWAG) pile and always making sure that every single entrant received "something" no matter how big or small. That was something he always wanted to make sure of...............everyone had fun and walked away with something.

For those of you in Southern California service information is as follows:

Tuesday 2/22 @ 1 PM at Montecito Memorial Park and Mortuary at 3520 East Washingtn St, Colton CA 92324

Sunday 2/27 @ 1 PM at the Huntinigton Beach Pier there will be a service and paddle out.

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