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I'm heading over tomorrow morning and will post what it's like when I get home.

It's supposed to get cold tomorrow night so I'm guessing that Saturdays conditions will be similar to what we had on Tuesday. Much better than expected considering that it rained all morning on Monday. It was very firm but you could still set a good edge.

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MSLM has special rates for spring break. I think they reduce student rates from $49 to $36 for full day.

Riding was FUN today! Lots of sunshine and spring snow on firm base. If they time their grooming right it should be ok tomorrow. No ice today, just corn on solid base.

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Road conditions getting across last night were horrible. A drive that usually takes less than 4.5hours took over 6 and the wind this morning resulted in a snow buried car. I bet the conditions were probably FANTASTIC at MSLM, but I bailed. Nice not fighting driving conditions one day of the weekend. Currently white out across the lake.

Thanks for the condition updates and the ticket return advice.

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