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Dalbello CRX 23-23.5


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Rare Dalbello CRX, shell size 23-23.5. These are the best cross-over boots, IMO (I ride them, too). If you looked closely, you'd see they are actually Head Stratos shape with DIN (ski soles). They are not any longer then an equivalent snowboard boot. As the matter of fact, the clip-in length is few mm shorter then on same size Deeluxe!

Everything is adjustable: Canting, ramping, lean, carve/walk/ski switch, micro-buckles...

Dalbello self-molding liners with stock insoles.

BTS can be added in (with lot of routing).

Shells are in normal used condition, with ski scuffs on the inner sides. Liners are in very good condition. I bought the boots for my nice, visiting from Europe, to use while here. Now that she's gone, someone else should get lucky!






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Hi Jeff,

I'll ship the boots wherever you want.

I think they are unisex - black works for everyone ;) I ski and ride on my BTSed 26es, my wife skis on her 25s. Scooby's got himself a pair of 27s for skiing, recently. One of the best boots out there, IMO.

It's mostly for freeride and carving skiers. I wouldn't use it for the gates.

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Yup, I ski and ride in those. They have acceptable flex even without BTS.

To BTS them, you need to rout the plastic around the existing lean mechanism (after removal), to make more space for BTS. Other good mods are cutting the inner "wings" smaller for more flex and enlarging the "kidney bean" hole under the ankle buckle to enhance the travel.

With BTS on, you loose some of the rebound of the skis' tails.

If you ended up riding in them, I'd recommend the Yellow TD3 elastomers.


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