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Head Stratos Pro Setup Question


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Hi all,

I am new to hardbooting, though I've ridden softies for 10 years. About a month ago I literally killed a few nerves in my feet from riding with my soft boots too tight (I have most of the feeling back now :freak3:), and I always rode with burton's stiffest boards/boots/bindings. That was the final straw and I bought a set of stratos pro boots used and a set of td3s. Anyway, I am unsure how I should setup the boots to best suit me as I begin hardbooting. The boots have the orange tongues on them now, and attached is a pic of the curent lean and spring tension. Also, the microcant adjusters are on the bottom-most setting on both boots. I am about 195 lbs.

I am looking for advice along the lines of "start with the bottom nut "here", the top nut "here", and the microcant "here".

I am NOT looking for advice on how to cut the boots, install new springs, douse them in gasoline, light them on fire, spray paint them green, or how to add a second bathroom to the downstairs.

I live in a college apartment and have a hex key and the adjusting tool that came with the boots to work with.



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My set up. I'm goofy. 5'10", 195lbs. 6 degree heel lift, 3 degree toe lift on TD2s.

Right foot (forward foot), set up the boot to be as upright as possible. In your picture, that would mean lowering the bottom slotted nut.

Left foot (rear), set up almost as flexed as possible. In your pic, raise both nuts. This means that the springs are pretty compressed before I do anything. But it works for me. In powder I ride in walk mode.

I left the cants alone.

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