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When is it safe to ride your good board?


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How much base do you need to bring out your good stick? We have been lacking in snowfall this year. Seems like every time I ride I'm hitting a rock somewhere. I got an Oxygen Apex for such occasions, but want to ride some of my nicer boards but don't want to tear up the bases. Have already taken a core shot to one of my favorite boards. We just got 6" but don't think this will add adequate coverage to be safe.

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How much base do you need to bring out your good stick?

I can only speak for Cypress Mountain, BC. Canada

2.5Mtr = 8.2Ft. I'll start ridin my gd deck only on certain runs, forget about non groomed steep run (double black). Above 3Mtr will cover most of the ugly stubborn rocks. Worst situation snow came below 3Mtr for sometimes and back over 3Mtr, the problem when low the groomer pick up some base ball rocks and flip it to the surface and these became a land mine. So basically from the chair we have to eagle eyed each run and pass the news to other carvers.

:DFunny thing when u see boarders in the line up pick up things and in the middle of the run stop and start digging that must be carvers :rolleyes:



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We have had very little snow and then had warm temps for a while. It is sketchy on almost every run at some point. There are a few good runs where they made a ton of man made snow in the early season. Only problem is they are on boring blue runs for the most part. All the good stuff is very thin. We need about 2-3' to get stuff covered up again. We have pretty much lost the base for most of the mountain. I've noticed that runs that are usually groomed have been skipped over due to the thin cover.

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