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WTB: Catek OS2 long plates.

John Gilmour

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They are for a friend with size 14 feet squeezing into a 13 I used to fit into a 26.5 which allowed for Gilmour bias with short plates but now I wear a 27.5 and need long plates for bias - I am hoping with upz boots I will be able to use short plates and a 27.5 and have room for bias. Personally I don't want to use long plates because of weight, stiffness, and overhang so I might have to try to use a F2 which I used to use before Cateks - I do remember being on F2 bindings - the old pink lever ones- and testing Cateks for Jeff Caron and remembered how much sharper my edges felt. With these metal decks to me edges feltbwith Cateks increased leverage... But edge hold now means less to me than chatter reduction and weight.

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