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Voile "Mountain Gun" Split Board Snowboard


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Very good condition. This is the somewhat stiffer version. Still not what I consider stiff, but stiffer than the "Split Decision" and the "Free-Ride" versions.

L-171cm Tip-30.4 W-25.6 T-30.5

Sandwich construction , not cap. No hardware or skins.

Light scuffs and scrapes but nothing worth noting.

375$ shipped. USA only

I accept pretty much all forms of payment:

Paypal "Gift" payments, Cash, USPS Money Orders. Checks

with a minimum TWO WEEK delay . Even Home Depot and Lowe's gift

cards. Paypal via credit card accepted with a 3% fee for USA and 5% for CANADA accounts (no I don't ship to CANADA, some have their accounts there and can ship to the USA.




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Hi Bryan,

Finally met up with my friend. I think he was looking for something in the mid-160's, but he wanted to know more anyway. (He's 6'4", so I think he could handle it ;) If you could send me your contact info, that would be great.

Happy to answer questions. I happen to have a burton that is shorter. PM me so we can share info via email.


The board on the far left.



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bryan - you should post this on TGR - there is decent demand for splits over there.

Good idea Matt. I was hoping to find a use locally , but I do need to sell down a couple dozen boards. Just have not been motivataed by the low prices I have been seeing and lack of time/energy.

Good suggestion.

Note: the center one is gone, traded to a BOL member for a vintage board if I recall correctly.

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