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Volkl RT 183 GS


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How hard is it to ride the 183? Anyone have any feedback on this particular board?

a little late responding, but here is goes:

depending on rider ability, the board, with an ~13m SCR, behaves like a freeride board. It will make tight turns all day long, it's okay for large radius turns. It is very smooth. The technology is not the newest, but still, it's a great board for the price.

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Would this board be appropriate for a 150 pound, 6ft, male trying to get into racing?

I can't really say for sure. The last time I was 150 lbs was probably the 5th grade! I'm 6'3" and 245 and I find it to be a fairly stiff board. That being said, I only have my stock Donek Axis and a Prior BX board to compare it too. Maybe someone else will chime in on its suitability for lighter riders. I would suspect it would be ok for a strong rider/racer even if they were lighter in weight.

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$200 shipped to 94510? I really don't need another 10 year old GS board. The old custom WCR still kicks my butt unless I'm really on my game. (Built for a real racer, not me) But, it would be fun in the lift line to explain the RT has been ridden to 125 MPH.

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