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Japanese mini-session - Rusutsu Mountain


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Breaking news from the world of carving. First annual Rusutsu Expression Session was held this Sunday on Hokkaido island in Japan. Four carvers attended and we had a blast riding wide chopped up groomers. The crew consisted of Tom "the lazy softbooter" Palka, Ian "Mr Flywalker", his beautiful wife Kaoru and Mats "The Superwede". Heres some pics from the event:




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Awesome day was had!

lt was SO much fun to get out there and ride with other carvers. We spotted a few local hard booters as well... one even joined us on the chair lift. He had an Ogasaka board and Raichle Racing boots with the RAB spring system. He sure was into his short radius turns just like in the lnstaller videos.

Tpalka was out on his Prior swallowtail and Mats was out on the 191cm Superswede. What a gorgeous snowboard... or should l say art. His long, graceful turns were a pleasure to watch.

Kaoru... what can l say? This was her 8th day on a carving board and only second on the Oxygen Proton. Although Tpalka's camera work brought out the best in all of us it's still great to see someone take to carving so well :1luvu:

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Nice! Wish I could have joined. Did you hang out on the Mt. Isola side of the resort? I had an epic day there last year after a good dump. The grooming was primo and no one on the slopes. We should consider to make it an annual gig.

Hi Miltie!

We spent the whole day on Isola. The snow was sweet although by mid day it was far from groomed. Would love to make some turns with you whenever you come up our way (^_^)

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