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Random Deeluxe/Raichle boot parts for sale


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Deeluxe/Raichle parts for sale

I’m selling these random spare parts as I’ve made the switch to UPZ boots so this stuff doesn’t help me any more.


A: Single-position forward lean adjuster. Walk or locked. $5 + shipping for the pair.

B: 5-position forward lean adjuster, made by drilling 4 additional holes in a single-position adjuster on a milling machine. Walk or locked in any position. $10 + shipping for the pair.

C: SB Top Strap, like this. $2 each + shipping. Four available.

D: SB open strap, like this. 10" long. $2 each + shipping. Three available.

E: SB strap cover, like this. One dark blue, one medium blue, one tan. $0.50 each + shipping.

F: SB strap cover, like this. One right, one left, both in tan color. $0.50 each + shipping.

G: SB open strap, like this. 7" long. $2 each + shipping. Two available.

H: SB long buckle, like this. Tan in color, some scratches. $4 + shipping. One available.

I: SB or AF forward lean pins, like this. Both short and long. $1 + shipping. One boot’s worth available.

J: Rear spoiler, sort of like this except with different boot attachment points. I think these came on an old set of SB-series boots, but I can’t remember. Bigger pictures: Pic1, Pic2. Color is every bit as awesome as it looks. Hopefully you’re color-blind or have pants long enough to cover them up. $4 for the pair + shipping.

K: Burton stiff heel pads. Fits any boot that can accept an Intec heel. I don’t know much about these, other than Zach Kay (yes, that Zach Kay!) claimed that they were much stiffer than the standard all rubber Deeluxe heels as they’re mostly plastic with only a thin layer of rubber for traction. Supposedly firms up the interface of standard toe-clip bindings. Two pieces, and 7 screws. Note that you need 8 screws; I’m short one. Side picture: the black is hard plastic, the grey is grippy softer stuff. $15 + shipping for the pair and 7 screws.

I’m in Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB), Canada so shipping won’t be terribly cheap to the US. Feel free to estimate it yourself; my postal code is R3M 1E9. I’ll combine things in one box if you buy more than one thing to keep shipping as low as possible.

I’m going to SES next month so I could deliver there provided you pay in full ahead of time. Obviously there are no shipping costs in that case. ;)

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