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Softboot board for light rider


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I'm looking for a board for a 90-110 lb rider, for soft boots, narrow (women's size 8 boots). It would be nice if it weren't too freestyley, and could carve the "hardpack" we have here on the East Coast. If you have one or just have suggestions I'm interested. The bulk of "women's specific" boards I've seen seem to be oriented to rails etc, hoping someone here has some experience.

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I have a 154 F2 speedcross sitting around.

I learned on it at my local hill (and I mean hill) before stepping up to a 172 donek axes. It is drastically softer, and I was over-flexing it a bit when I weighed ~ 155 lbs. I rode it in soft hardboots, but could see stiff softboots working just as well.

Clearly not a womens specific, and could be somewhat stiff/wide for her (might be better suited to ~120 lbs?

Let me know if interested, otherwise I do believe they made some shorter versions also.


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I was looking at Arbor and Never Summer. The Push sounds really good (I have a Crossbow and it's my favorite soft-boot board, except it's just too narrow) so it's nice to hear solid testimony on its behalf!

As for the F2, that sounds like it might be a good idea. Do you know the specs? Width, sidecut radius? What would you want for it?


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According to the internets,

Sidecut (m)= 8.2

Eff.edge (cm)=129

Tip/Tail width (mm)=26.6

Waist width (mm) =21.8

Setback (cm) =2.0

These all seem to match what I remember, roughly.

Condition by memory is quite good. I think I had one base grind which still left some of the dimpled texture from the factory. It's been stored in a dry garage with a thin coat of wax on the bottom. Might be a few of the usual liftline dings to the top. Can get photos if you'd like.

For pricing, I got a pretty good deal on it about 3, maybe 4? years ago, and it saw about a season's use. How's $150+ ship sound? (or meet me if you head north to ride)

Feel free to email.

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I think I'll hold off on the F2. It sounds like a nice board for getting started with hard boots, but too narrow for soft boots. M25 soft boots just barely work on a 24 cm waist board without high angles. I may check back later in the season, though. Thanks!

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