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UPS just delivered my new Donek FC1-171! What a beautiful piece of workmanship by Sean and company!!!

It made a slight detour to Mike de Santis' shop for it initial base prep. This is the same service all you lucky folks that ordered Madds with the "tune" option will receive. The base and edges look just awesome. Thanks to Bob Jenny for pointing me to Mike.

Now we just gotta get some cold weather down here in the Mid-Atlantic so my local bump can blow some ice... I mean snow.

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Originally posted by Bob Jenney

Did he go over the maintenance with you? Has he put together the tune package yet? I know he was talking about doing that.

Cheers and see you on the slopes!

Yep, I had a really long talk with Mike and he went over everthing - in fact I felt a little guilty talking to him so long when he could have been working on other folks gear.

Originally posted by CarvCanada

I've got a 171 Freecarve II, really nice! What topsheet did you go for? Mine's blue metallic. You can examine that board for hours and not find a single part of it that's not perfect.

I went for the straight Royal Blue - it was really hard to figure out what the metalic topsheet would look like just by the pictures on Sean's website.

Originally posted by Phil

Sweet! Congrats. Let me know when you want to hit the 'top. They really want to be open T-giving weekend, but we will see.

I'll definately be in touch Phil - looking forward to another session (or two or three) with ya!

But for now, I can only dream and drool (and the wife really hates it when I start carpet surfing). I figure it's at least 4-5 weeks until I can ride it - I'm sure as heck going to wait until they have a good layer of ice laid down before I try and start ripping on it...

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