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Little B*stards...........Ingrown toenails


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Last season one of my big toe nails fell off- well i pulled it off but it was coming anyway. As well as getting a remold on the boots i began to cut my big toe nails really short to try to avoid this. Low and behold i now have ingrown toe nails on both big toes. Not too painful but damn annoying.

Was wondering how to fix this??

Thanks for the help.

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Ahh, the bain of my existance. The ingrown toenail is the worst because the pain is this constant dull pain. The only way to fix it perminanty is to go to the doctor and have them surgically remove the nail in the problem area. You will still have some nail on the toe but some of it will be removed and the nail root removed. I have had it done on both sides of my big toe on one foot and on one side of the other foot.

If you get it done go to a good pediatrist as your feet are nothing to fool around with.


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That's right. Most of the time you do not need the surgery if you can baby them for about 3 months (just enough to have the corner grown out). It takes about a year for that big toe nail to grow...

Stick some cotton wedges to separate the nail from the skin. Cut the corner square and instead of into corner where they will cut the skin and let those lovely bugs living under your nails to infect the site.

Patience and tender loving care.

Remember to cut square.

You should be done by the time the snow melts!!!:cool:

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